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Selected by the Rite of Passage Syndicate on Inkshares in Sept ’16, Break the Bechdel (with strong female characters) Syndicate and the Staff Syndicate on Inkshares in Dec ’16, the Fantasy Syndicate and Write Out Loud Syndicate on Inkshares in Feb ’17

SYNOPSIS: Abbie, an eight year old girl, wanders through the woods behind her Oregon home, a forest she’s explored many times over the last year, and discovers a quiet pool of water that she’s never seen before. It’s a hot summer day, so she wades out into it… only to discover she’s not alone. A boy is staring at her, a boy with wild hair and green clothes, and he is on the other side of the water. Mesmerized, Abbie reaches down into his reflection, and he grabs her hand and yanks her underwater.

When she emerges on the other side of the pool, she has become an unwelcome visitor in the Faerie kingdom, a world she scarcely understands, with only the boy Foster to guide her. And in her place, a strange changeling child has been created to live with her parents, one that looks and acts almost exactly like her. Almost.

In the courts of the Fae, a truce has long been in place between Winter and Summer. What havoc might a human child wreak in the careful machinations of beings older than time? To what lengths will Abbie’s father, who has secrets of his own, go to get her back?

FAE CHILD has been accepted into Inkshares’ Quill Collection, to be published some time in the next year. Preorder today!


Mutants: Uprising – preordering now!


Humankind has begun to mutate. While still a minority, mutants display a wide range of strange, bizarre, and sometimes terrifying abilities. Some are physically changed – scales, wings, claws, or strange colored skin – others look just like you or me.

Some mutants struggle to be accepted by the rest of humanity, while others rage against the discrimination of the so-called mundane humans. A League has formed, a series of underground cells of mutant freedom fighters who will stop at nothing to right the wrongs against their fellow mutants. To the League, mutants are the next step of human evolution, a step toward perfection or perhaps even perfection itself, while mundanes are the Neanderthals, doomed for extinction. Many call the League a terror organization, but they insist that mutants have nothing to fear from them.

In California there are politicians who are fighting for registration of mutants. You can’t background check a mutant before giving them the ability to murder people with a thought, so the best thing we can do, they say, is to form a registry of known mutants, and their abilities. There is opposition, but the idea is gaining traction among the public. Federally, the government has killed similar bills, but they are watching California with interest to see if such a thing works on the state level.

There are rumors of paramilitary organizations using mutants against other mutants, or of horrible experimentation done in the name of creating super soldiers. Secret societies bent on world domination for one side, or the other. These are just rumors. Right?

You are Jane “Zombie” Meyers, the twenty-eight year old leader of the Los Angeles area chapter of the League of Mutants, a quasi-terrorist organization with separate cells around the country – even the world. You can take any amount of damage and keep going as long as you keeps your heart rate and adrenaline up. You have enhanced strength when high on adrenaline, as well. After your heart rate slows (sometimes due to loss of blood) you will fall into a death-like coma and your body repairs itself. This can take hours, or days, depending on the damage. You do not believe that you can be killed (barring falling into an industrial shredder, or decapitation and even then…? You aren’t in a hurry to test that theory, however).

About this Story: Uprising is already written, and is upwards of 180k words. It will be edited down into an approximately 100k word novel, with the possibility of sequels. It is written in second person, except for the occasional cut-away to third person POV from other characters.

Short Fiction

Not On My Watch – Coming soon to Amazon

Private investigator Georgina Hall gets more than she bargains for while on a stakeout. A short science fiction story. Written for the 2017 48 hr Flash Fiction challenge through Sci-Fi-London.



The Wheels of Progress – follow for updates

Hell on Wheels meets The Sacketts
Synopsis: One family struggles to hold onto their identity as the Union Pacific cuts through their land on its way West.

The Last Beekeeper – follow for updates

About this Story:

…but we repeat to them loudly the great teaching of Darwin: “The life of man would be made extremely difficult if the bee disappeared.”

~French journal “Les Abeilles & Les Fruits” in 1906, translated by Ray Girvan

I am still formulating this idea in the dark recesses of my brain, while writing other projects. The idea springs from the awful reality of unexplained bee colony collapse, and rampant use of pesticides that are killing our bees.

Can you imagine a world gripped by famine, where one last, vast farm and its carefully cultivated and protected beehives are all that stand between what is left of humanity and The End? And who is it that watches over the bees, desperate to save them, and the rest of the world, from extinction?

The last beekeeper, of course.